Welcome to AgapiChristinaRD

Welcome to AgapiChristinaRD!  Whether you are here seeking answers to all your burning nutrition questions, trying to find accurate nutrition information with scientific backing, or to find a meal plan that will work for you, you have come to the right place!

Agapi Christina is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who can help you weed out the nutrition myths and the fad diets from what actually works!  Finding sound nutrition advice, making healthier food choices and creating new habits that will last you a lifetime is a hard thing to tackle so why do it alone!  Do low carbohydrate diets work?  Is a gluten free diet the way to go?  What about artificial sweeteners, coconut oil and omega 3 fatty acids?  What can you do to lower your blood cholesterol level or stabilize your blood sugars?

Agapi Christina has the education, experience and knowledge to provide you with the tools to being the healthiest you, living your healthiest life and keeping your body healthy, lean and strong!

  • Agapi has helped me learn the difference between good carbs and bad carbs.  Her extensive knowledge about nutrition makes me confident in the information she gives.  I ask her about any fad diet or trendy food and she has already heard and researched it and can tell me the truth about it.  Also, her recipes are delicious and very easy to follow.  I love the brownies, you’ll have to purchase a meal plan to find out the secret ingredient!

  • I started Agapi’s meal plan a few months ago and I have thrived with it.  Not only is it easy to follow but it also has the versatility to change what I didn’t care for.  Agapi is a supporter of your weight loss and getting to a healthier lifestyle.   She is always a big part of your journey.  I am down 26 pounds now since starting Agapi’s meal and could not be happier.  I whole heartily believe in Agapi.  She is very professional, knowledgeable, and a support during your personal journey of diet and exercise to get you towards your goals.  I look forward to reaching my goals with Agapi’s meal plan and support.